Many people ask us why we use the term ‘Printers’. For many years people had been known as Trainees so we asked if they wanted to have a change of name. They came up with nine different ‘titles’ and following a democratic vote the overwhelming result was ‘Printers’. Confusing for some, but not for our Printers!


Thirty people with learning disabilities attend BPC for supported work experience and training over the course of a week. Each person has individual daily targets which fit alongside the completion of the many and varied tasks for producing our customers’ work. Our team of experienced, creative and dedicated Support Workers assist people in identifying their full potential and guiding them in ways to achieve this.


Our placements also provide many opportunities for people to gain life skills, such as going to the local shop, speaking up for themselves and others and developing self-confidence. Also, many Printers become role models and will buddy-up with others to enrich each other’s day at BPC. Printers are involved in all aspects of BPC and are the bedrock of the organisation.


Our work experience and training is geared towards getting the job done for our customers. Our Printers are trained to develop specific work skills in customer service roles and machine use in the Print Room.

Throughout the working day each Printer’s work training, skills development and machine use is recorded so that we are able to track progression and embed a positive work ethic. This gives a sense of purpose and personal achievement.


We support people in a way that encourages the development of life and social skills by taking informed risks. We do this in a very discrete way, often with exceptional results and achievements!

As part of our role of supporting people, we attend external reviews. These meetings help us to build good working relationships with both family and paid carers, and consequently we all get a greater understanding of someone’s life and aspirations. We also support our Printers to achieve their citizenship rights and responsibilities.



Four times a year Staff Members, Trustees and two Printer Representatives meet as the BPC Management Committee. Lots of information is shared, proposals are made and many decisions are reached. At the moment our two Printer Representatives are Dan and Adrian and their role is to find out what all the Printers want discussed at the meeting.


They then produce reports and speak-up for the group. Recently they have made a case to get a new kitchen table, upholster many of our ageing chairs and improve some of our Print Room equipment.


SCHOOLS - We work closely with Burwell Village College (Primary) and welcome work experience students in the Summer Term.


VOLUNTEERS - Eight Burwell residents are currently volunteers. Their help and support is invaluable.


BURWELL CARNIVAL - Every year we participate in the parade and run a stall.


CLUNCH - Vaughan is a Co-Editor of Burwell’s community magazine and the Print Centre is used as a central pick up point for bundlers and deliverers.


CENTREPEACE - We provide a volunteer to work in the shop each week.

TRUSTEES - Our Trustees work hard behind the scenes and all live locally.


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